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MacPaw is a Ukrainian software company with a headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine that develops and distributes software for macOS and iOS. Its products include CleanMyMac, Setapp, Gemini Photos and more. The company was founded in 2008. MacPaw's revenue was $23 million in 2018. The company claims that one in five Macs worldwide run an app by MacPaw, as of June 2019.


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Current Employee - Concierge says

"Heavy Heavy bag, stinks when picking up gross people's laundry. over 5 mile radius, They h e sent me from harlem 140's all the way down to the 70's, that wasted gas was not worth an extra 50 cents."

Former Employee - Office Staff says

"Cleanly was the company to work for. The beginning everything and everyone was in sync. As time progressed and the company started to take a hold of the laundry market, everything started falling apart. The COO became obsess with micromanaging everyone when he clearly doesn’t know the ins and outs. They hired great employees only to use them for their knowledge then fire them 4-8 months later. Do yourself a favor and don’t apply to work here."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very unprofessional working environment, vulgar language spoken from management and employees. The warehouse is dirty and the heating system is horrible, I've witnessed female employees shivering during my shift. There are misplaced customers'clothes everywhere throughout the warehouse. Minimum wage pay, no room for advancement in the company."

Current Employee - Customer Experience Associate says

"No raise or bonuses after years of working for them, virtually no opportunities for advancement, upper management is aggressive and doesn't show any care for their employees, extremely stressful work environment and no support from the supposed Operations team in resolving customer issues. It feels like a boys club where women's opinions are not respected."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Overworked - too many tasks to physically do at once expected No transparency Changes made daily with "procedures" and no actual guidelines provided. You can be doing something that used to be right and is one day decided to be wrong with little to no explanation Lack of tools and resources to do your job right No positive feedback only negativity"

Former Employee - Warehouse Supervisor says

"-The upper management was terrible. Nothing was done to address the glaring day to day problems that made every other shift a nightmare. Those problems were passed down to lower management and employees which caused resentment. Workers started to see how slow they were to move on issues that effected the operations on a day to day basis but were adamant on policies that would have little to no effect on improving workflow. -Unjustifiable pay for the amount of work done on a supervisor level. This caused people to not want to take initiative to move forward with the company which led to many of us working much longer hours for what was originally presented to us as a part time job. -No other options to move forward from a supervisor position."

Current Employee - Warehouse says

"COO micromanages everything. Expects you to be on call literally 24/7. No work balance life. He makes it seem that they do not trust their staff to do their job. Will ask you every question about every person of the company even though he knows the answer. Sometimes answering these questions takes more time then doing the job itself. One second we're told that one policy is the focus, the next the total opposite. They say they want to build a great culture but how they manage - it actually creates a more toxic culture. When management makes a mistake, they do not like to discuss. They change the subject. They tell you how in some other area - you're doing the job wrong."

Former Employee - Valet Driver says

"Downright lack of respect and care for any of the valets at the warehouse"


"Management is all over the place. COO wants to micromanage other branches of the company which creates faustration and tension. Not quite the ideal environment you want to be working in. There's not much room to grow, although its a fairly large company there is little wiggle room to advance in the company after being there for years."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Only thing good is the pay but you only get 3 hours a shift so you’re not really making money(Associates). No growth what so ever and when you become a shift lead or supervisor they pack you with overwhelming task with no help with incomplete training then blame you for mistakes. I was a supervisor there and I was unhappy for a very long time but stood because I was loyal but they don’t care about anyone who isn’t hr/dispatch, or general manager. Management is probably the worst I ever had.flexibleEverything"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"You can not recieve full time hrs, the pay is trash no matter what you make a hour due to the fact you will only work 10-15 hrs a week. Plus customers laundry have bed bugs.Laid backNon livable wages, almost no hours, bed bug laundry"

Independent Contractor (Former Employee) says

"3 1/2 years with company. It started off well with great pay and then a year later they cut the pay significantly. A year later cut pay again. I quit.Nonebad pay and moved from contracting to employment"

WareHouse Associate (Current Employee) says

"a typical day is to come in and clock in. Shape the warehouse to be functional for the night or day very easy job but nowhere to really growcan stay clocked and get food if needed, not too much supervisioncompensation is good but hours are not enough, poor management"

Kevin says

"I ended up with Gemini II on my macbook, got billed 20.99€, requested a refund within a week of being charged and it was refused. Needless to say, I deleted the app and didnt use it for the whole year. Might have considered it again, if I had got my refund. Soulless service in my experience."

Miles says

"products are getting worse and prices are more expensive. go for mackeeper - much better value"

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